Morning Coffee Link Roundup (8/18/19)

It's too hot again today and I object.

Sunday! Hope your weekend is going well. I’ve done a lot of “being extremely productive around the house while half watching sporting events,” which is one of my favorite weekend things.

Sudan conflict: Army and civilians seal power-sharing deal

This seems important and very few people are talking about it! Inspector general finds politically motivated harassment at State Department

“It Felt Like We Were Responding to a Natural Disaster”: Inside the Chaos Following a Huge ICE Raid

Militant Neo-Nazi Group Actively Recruiting Ahead of Alleged Training Camp

Elizabeth Warren Offers a Policy Agenda for Native Americans

Why Kashmir may see increased violence after the revocation of Article 370

This is promising! A Cure for Ebola? Two New Treatments Prove Highly Effective in Congo

UGH WHY: Public television to bring back racist, anti-LGBTQ, anti-Semite Pat Buchanan as show panelist

Good for her: 'We won't accept anything less': Megan Rapinoe firm as equal pay talks break down

I didn’t think this movie was perfect, but it was interesting and I’d definitely try a sequel: Searching sequel in the works as 'tech-driven thriller' with new characters

And some longer reads:

What If Courts Treated Young Sex Trafficking Victims Like Cyntoia Brown as People, Not Perpetrators?

There was a lot of interesting context here I hadn’t known: Revisiting Sutton Hoo, Britain’s Mythical Ship Burial

Oh this is so useful: Blair Braverman's Favorite Active, Bra-Friendly Dresses

The kind of thing that makes me click IMMEDIATELY: Ranking New York’s Most Toxic Museum Boards

5 Historical Mysteries That Combine Real History With Whodunnit

xoxo, Kate

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