Morning Coffee Link Roundup (8/5/19)

Let's see how this Substack thing goes.

Hello! It’s Monday! Seems like a good time to try something new, so here are your normal links, but in email form! (Or maybe you’re reading them on the site. Or via RSS. Options!) I’m heading back to work after a quick vacation, so let’s just all cross our fingers that this Monday goes as smoothly as possible. Anyway, we’ll be figuring out this Substack thing together, so please, let me know any issues/questions/thoughts.

To start with what is too often the news of the day, I’m not sure “stun” is the word I’d use here: Back-to-Back Outbreaks of Gun Violence in El Paso and Dayton Stun Country

El Paso shooting: 21-year-old suspect 'posted anti-immigrant manifesto'

After El Paso Attack, Mexico Demands Protections for Mexicans in the U.S.

And in world news: Nuon Chea: Cambodian former Khmer Rouge deputy leader dies

A bit of GOOD news from here in New Hampshire: New Law Expands Free School Breakfast Across N.H.

Military leaders are lining up to oppose Trump’s attacks on HIV+ service members

The Simple, Odious Reason Mitch McConnell Opposes Election Integrity

Good for her for coming forward: Olympic figure skater Ashley Wagner says she was sexually assaulted as a 17-year-old

Ooooh: NASA’s TESS Satellite Spots ‘Missing Link’ Exoplanets

It’s always interesting to see who the TV critics themselves recognize: 2019 TCA Award Winners Announced

And now for a few longer reads - what used to be in the separate afternoon post. I’m going to try putting them all in one newsletter, and you can ration links throughout the day as works for you.

THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT: Marianne Williamson isn’t funny. She’s scary.

A hard read but very important reporting: The Village Where Every Cop Has Been Convicted of Domestic Violence

Instagram Is Great for Models. It’s Also Good for Predators.

Picasso Show Captivates Beijing, Whose Art Scene Hums as Censors Hover

THIS IS WILD: The Dark History Behind the Year’s Bestselling Debut Novel

On THAT note, enjoy (?) your Monday, and let me know how this format worked for you. (One thing I’ve considered is dividing the links up a bit into various headings but I don’t know if that’s helpful or annoying!)

xoxo, Kate