Morning Coffee Link Roundup (8/6/19)

Glad you've made it over here.

Good morning! On to Tuesday! I’m really liking this Substack experiment so far, so I hope it’s working for you too. One of the best things is that it gives me way more analytics, and I can see how many people click on each link, which is a nice way of knowing what you all find interesting (or not).

Remember how a Trump fan sent bombs to a bunch of Democrats and we all just moved on because so many bad things were happening at once? Well, this is something: Cesar Sayoc, Who Mailed Pipe Bombs to Trump Critics, Is Sentenced to 20 Years

Make sure you read until the part here about how the FBI can’t be harder on domestic terrorist groups because THE PRESIDENT SEES THEM AS HIS BASE: FBI faces skepticism over its efforts against domestic terrorism

Gun Culture Has Always Been About White Supremacy

There’s No Second Amendment Right to Large-Capacity Magazines

Oh, this is great: Artist Cages 'Make Way for Ducklings' Statue To Protest Child Detention Centers

Lies, damn lies, and media: Right-wing repetition of debunked narratives reshapes reality

200 Reindeer Starved to Death. Experts Call It a Sign of Climate Change.

Good: Boston Hospital Reports Disciplining of Renowned Child Abuse Skeptic

This has been one of my “pleasant background noise while knitting something complicated” shows but I guess no longer… 'The Rookie' Star Identifies People She Claims Sexually Harassed, Racially Bullied Her

U.S. Ship Sunk in World War II by German Sub Is Found Off Maine Coast

And some longer reads for when you need a break today:

Adam Serwer is essential as usual: The Most Dangerous American Idea

The American Dark Money Behind Europe’s Far Right

The Facebook groups where Catholic women shame each other about sex

‘Doomsday preppers’ kept a low profile in rural Florida. Then two women escaped.

Raymond Chandler: The Art of Beginning a Crime Story

And on a final note, I would just like to say I am very into this new thing where it’s in the fifties when I wake up. Keep it up, weather.

xoxo, Kate